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Daily Sudoku Overview

Daily Sudoku is a classic, best-in-class web version of the game you know and love, but with new puzzles each day! Come back daily for a new free online Sudoku puzzle challenge that will calm and train your brain.

Fun Facts about Daily Sudoku

  • In Japanese, "su" means "numbers" and "doku" means "single." Together, "Sudoku" means "single numbers" and describes the rule of the game; all boxes must be filled without repeating any numbers in a set!
  • The history of Sudoku is long and rich, dating back to the 18th century. Oddly enough, Sudoku originated in Switzerland and traveled to Japan by way of America.
  • Sudoku has its roots in ancient number puzzles. For many centuries, people have devoted their time to developing and solving number puzzles.
  • Sudoku is the most popular and most-played puzzle game since the Rubik's Cube from the 1980s!
  • Did you know that Sudoku can be played with images instead of numbers? As long as the same image is not repeated in a row or set, players can still win the game.
Play a free Sudoku puzzle online now!
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